Requires improvement

Seriously, this one really does. Imagine working somewhere and you are off sick with stress and then read that where you were working had an inspection leading to being judged as “Requires Improvement”. More than that though, you had already raised your concerns with your employer and then you see the report shared on social media and you and a colleague press “like”.

Image with a computer screen with a thumbs up like the Like symbol on social media.  A hand and arm either side of the image, both with a long finger pointing at the Like symbol.  This is referencing two people pressing the Like button on social media.

Anyway, listen on.  The manager of the two people saw the Likes on social and then sent them both a warning by email.  Seriously, what would you make of all this?

No procedure followed, no investigation into potential misconduct.  The report was in the public domain so what had the employees done?  Not showed loyalty to an organisation that had high levels of turnover and sickness.  

What do you think of this one?  Would you expect to have control over what your employees Like online?  What about the manager taking it into their own hands and issuing warnings?  What do you think the outcome could be here?  A warning for the staff or the manager?

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