Black and white woman illustration with a back dog.

Thanks for dropping by.  Here’s where you’ll find out a bit about me and my work.  It’s human resources with an artistic twist you see, so if you think that type of thing could work for you maybe you should read a bit more.  We can discuss illustrated handbooks, bespoke training stuff and the type of policy that will help create the environment that you want people to work in.  I’m happy for my work to be shaped by your people too.

I’ve worked for large companies like GKN and Leyland DAF, national warehouse businesses as well as local authorities and universities and some smaller businesses too.  There’s been some interesting characters along the way and I like to look at ways that human resources can really work for people as well as a business.  To me, that’s the key to success.

My art can be digital and hand painted and I’m happy to work on campaigns as well as putting messages out on social.  Throw in a bit of Legal PA/Office Management work and art event organisation and promotion and that’s me really.

Human resources communications. Don't bother and find out.

There’s been a few art projects along the way including organising a chat between Rawtrachs and Horace Panter of The Specials and I’ve given away Free Art around Walsall in the West Midlands.

Have a little trot around and if I can do anything for you please email or call me.




People Management – People Support – Employee Engagement

I’m happy to work with you on your communications which can be digital for use on social media or on your intranet if that is how you communicate with people.  I can create digital employee handbooks as well as documents for print or to be shared as a pdf.  My work will include your vision and values as well as your policies and procedures without it coming across as a rule book and intended to help with employee engagement.

Policies for teapots, pigs and dogs.  Don’t stand in line though.

We come together in organisations or work together on projects and we have to understand what we can and can’t do at work.  The policies for timekeeping and attendance are the simple things, it’s understanding culture that takes time.  So what makes people compete at work, why do they need to take stories to their managers about colleagues?  Where does this come from, a need to shine in such a way?  Your HR practices will shape your culture and you can decide what you would like to be rewarded in your organisation.  The difficulty comes in how to manage a talented bully, how to get people to come together as a team and trust each other.  There’s more to it than this as well.

Have you got a piece of work to discuss?  You can call me on 07949 777462 or send over some basic details and I’ll be in touch.