Requires improvement

Seriously, this one really does. Imagine working somewhere and you are off sick with stress and then read that where you were working had an inspection leading to being judged as “Requires Improvement”. More than that though, you had already raised your concerns with your employer and then you see the report shared on social media and you and a colleague press “like”.

Image with a computer screen with a thumbs up like the Like symbol on social media.  A hand and arm either side of the image, both with a long finger pointing at the Like symbol.  This is referencing two people pressing the Like button on social media.

Anyway, listen on.  The manager of the two people saw the Likes on social and then sent them both a warning by email.  Seriously, what would you make of all this?

No procedure followed, no investigation into potential misconduct.  The report was in the public domain so what had the employees done?  Not showed loyalty to an organisation that had high levels of turnover and sickness.  

What do you think of this one?  Would you expect to have control over what your employees Like online?  What about the manager taking it into their own hands and issuing warnings?  What do you think the outcome could be here?  A warning for the staff or the manager?

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Hold onto your bots

Hold onto your bots illustration spiders word Mars asking how businesses are looking after people - staff retention

Holding onto your bots can be quite a challenge.  As people go round and round the labour market looking for the best they can find, you may need to think about how to attract and retain your bots.  

There’s more to benefits than a couple of day’s a year to volunteer.  That may sound all well and good but have you covered the basics like a fair salary, good holiday allowance, compassionate leave etc.  Let’s face it, we all need money and so many companies are now offering vouchers and stuff like that as benefits but we can’t pay our gas bills with vouchers.  Money first, extras after.  What do you think? 

Think about how much money a business will spend paying people to find people for jobs where the turnover is high, often due to low pay.  What really makes sense and how best can a business use its talent?

Interview time :-)

Inktober 2023 Dream illustration someone having an interview and being asked unnecessary questions

Who’s been in those interviews where you are asked so many unnecessary questions?  Then when you get the job none of the skills that were asked for were even utilised or you were blocked in your progression.  Still, life is but a dream as they say, no wonder people daydream in interviews.  That’s what a little bird has told me anyway.

Tip:  be fair, keep notes, plan questions, only ask for what you will be using

The Aldridge Audio Typist

Aldridge Audio Typist, graphic of person

The Aldridge Audio Typist really is a sought after person.  Over the years there has been less and less dictation in offices so these people can be hard to find (bit like people who use shorthand too).  So what if things change?

It could now get tricky to be honest.  That’s one reason to keep your website and social media up-to-date showing your HR policies and procedures.  You know, reasons that people would like to work for you.

As people know people, this could be a good way of finding the people who you want at the right time.

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Why bother with a copywriter when you have AI?

Graphic woman sat on top of building in Walsall town centre. Promoting writing services

You’re going to need an authentic voice if you are in business or promoting anything to be honest.  Anyone can write, they say.  Well, I suppose they can.  There’s all this AI available now, you just type in a few key words and away you go.  The debate is on, will copywriters be needed in the future?  If you want something that’s a little bit quirky, away from structured sentences, that type of thing then, yes, you will need someone doing the writing.

I can work with you to create website content that will connect with your desired audience.  If you have something to discuss just get in touch.

The Fox and Dogs

Vintage puppets and ornaments Fox and dog Pelham puppet

It’s really more than a pub name, the Fox and Dogs.  Just look at this cute assemble, how gorgeous do they look, especially with vintage Christmas lights.  Get in touch if you would like me to create images for you and work with you on campaigns.

Sweet campaigns

Sweet campaigns image of vintage boxer puppy puppet Pelham puppet with poppy flower

This really is a sweet campaign.  I can work with you creating images that can promote your business.  You may have a pet business, be a dog groomer or a dog walker.  Please get in touch to discuss any of your requirements.  I can create graphics and images for social media, your websites and for print.  I also produce content.