One of the hardest things to write about

has to be yourself, doesn’t it?  Where do you start.  At birth, as a teenager, when you started a business or now?

I’ll start at birth.  Mine was in Coventry, but this is a place I never got to know.  A city known for its brutal architecture, the Phoenix with its spikey arms and flat structures with sharp corners.  I’d moved over to Birmingham in my early months though, so know nothing of Coventry.

I’ve visited Spon End in my mid to late 50s and was struck by the brutal architecture.  The big blogs of concrete, the walkways, the little railings.  A Council Estate amongst estates.  

Writing is something that I like to do and I can write for you if you want.  Website content, brochures, social media content.  Just get in touch if there is something to discuss.