The Life of a Market Trader – 11/4/23

The day started with the trolley, this time I didn’t take as much as the previous two times.  I was going to focus more on my cards now at the market.  Travel was fine, it’s easy enough to get the trolley on and off the bus and the bus drivers are always so nice to me.  I sit up the front of the bus so all’s fine.

The people you get in Birmingham at the Rag Market are quite a mix.  I’ve seen lots of older white people, some of them looking quite poor (although maybe they aren’t) and many of the younger people are immigrants.  The people who have stopped to chat to me I think are just looking for a chat, but to be fair I’ve done that as well when I’m out and about and I’m not buying all the time either. 

There’s plenty of alcholics and probably drug users around the city.  I see that too in Walsall.  I’ve seen people eyeing up my stall and realising that there’s no ready money on my table, it’s all original art work and wouldn’t sell quickly and easily.  That means that theft is low (so far anyway, which is good).  It may be different if I was selling lighters, for instance.

I’ve got chatting to a few people who seemed like they had mental health issues, as you get chatting you get a sense of this.  That’s fine by me, I’m just saying.  Some man asked if he could rest his legs and sat on a table.  He told me that he struggles with his feet being on the ground because of nerves in his feet (I think) and years of being an alcoholic.  Other than that, people are just walking around and some look at my stall and others don’t.

One of the nicest things being on the market is the other traders.  I’ve learnt a lot from them and love their approach to life.  They have an optimism that I admire in people and they are good to be around.  I suppose that’s what self-employment does to people.

I’ll be on the Rag Market once a month, all being well.  Dates will be shared on my social and should be on my website too, so keep an eye out if you are interested.  You can buy my work through my website too.