Food bank frisson – couple – 11″ x 9″

Food bank frisson couple original art work - couple with food bank items on their heads

It doesn’t matter what they do to us, we’ll always have love.

Original hand painted Food Bank Frisson piece.  The frame is a lovely Ikea frame bought from a charity shop.  11″ x 9″.

Food Bank Frisson – couple £20 including postage in the UK


The Aldridge Audio Typist

Aldridge Audio Typist, graphic of person

The Aldridge Audio Typist really is a sought after person.  Over the years there has been less and less dictation in offices so these people can be hard to find (bit like people who use shorthand too).  So what if things change?

It could now get tricky to be honest.  That’s one reason to keep your website and social media up-to-date showing your HR policies and procedures.  You know, reasons that people would like to work for you.

As people know people, this could be a good way of finding the people who you want at the right time.

Please get in touch if you would like me to work with you on your website and social media to get your HR messages out there.


Why bother with a copywriter when you have AI?

Graphic woman sat on top of building in Walsall town centre. Promoting writing services

You’re going to need an authentic voice if you are in business or promoting anything to be honest.  Anyone can write, they say.  Well, I suppose they can.  There’s all this AI available now, you just type in a few key words and away you go.  The debate is on, will copywriters be needed in the future?  If you want something that’s a little bit quirky, away from structured sentences, that type of thing then, yes, you will need someone doing the writing.

I can work with you to create website content that will connect with your desired audience.  If you have something to discuss just get in touch.

The Fox and Dogs

Vintage puppets and ornaments Fox and dog Pelham puppet

It’s really more than a pub name, the Fox and Dogs.  Just look at this cute assemble, how gorgeous do they look, especially with vintage Christmas lights.  Get in touch if you would like me to create images for you and work with you on campaigns.

Sweet campaigns

Sweet campaigns image of vintage boxer puppy puppet Pelham puppet with poppy flower

This really is a sweet campaign.  I can work with you creating images that can promote your business.  You may have a pet business, be a dog groomer or a dog walker.  Please get in touch to discuss any of your requirements.  I can create graphics and images for social media, your websites and for print.  I also produce content.

One of the hardest things to write about

has to be yourself, doesn’t it?  Where do you start.  At birth, as a teenager, when you started a business or now?

I’ll start at birth.  Mine was in Coventry, but this is a place I never got to know.  A city known for its brutal architecture, the Phoenix with its spikey arms and flat structures with sharp corners.  I’d moved over to Birmingham in my early months though, so know nothing of Coventry.

I’ve visited Spon End in my mid to late 50s and was struck by the brutal architecture.  The big blogs of concrete, the walkways, the little railings.  A Council Estate amongst estates.  

Writing is something that I like to do and I can write for you if you want.  Website content, brochures, social media content.  Just get in touch if there is something to discuss.

Ska d’cat – that’s right, that’s right, that’s right …

Ska d'cat art work - illustration two tone cat on sideboard with blowers and next to a figure standing up

Ska art with a twist …

Ska d’cat comes out at night but then again, can be pretty lively in the day too.  This is a special cat, black and white, at one with the world out there.  A lover of ska and two tone, this cat loves flowers too and standing on sideboards giving flowers to someone who looks a bit like a Pharoah.  Original art work for you.

Ska d’cat original art work £40 including postage in the UK. 


The food queue

Graphic = Why am I seeing poverty every day and why are the people giving food away driving Mercedes and Range Rovers and wearing Hugo Boss?

Every day the poverty is clear.  Crossing the town the queue for the food seems to be getting longer.  How come the people giving it away drive Mercedes and Range Rovers and wear Hugo Boss?