Vintage puppets and ornaments Fox and dog Pelham puppet

The Fox and Dogs

It’s really more than a pub name, the Fox and Dogs.  Just look at this cute assemble, how gorgeous do … More

Sweet campaigns image of vintage boxer puppy puppet Pelham puppet with poppy flower

Sweet campaigns

This really is a sweet campaign.  I can work with you creating images that can promote your business.  You may … More

Graphic = Why am I seeing poverty every day and why are the people giving food away driving Mercedes and Range Rovers and wearing Hugo Boss?

The food queue

Every day the poverty is clear.  Crossing the town the queue for the food seems to be getting longer.  How … More

Archie - original hand painted art work


Who needs the police when we have each other.  Social media screenshotter. For as much as his Paisley shirt was … More

Blue bag with hand painted art

Little blue bag

Do you ever get sick of buying deodorant from Lidl or Aldi?  Watching This is England on Channel 4 Catch-up … More

Wild flowers

The wild flowers

Tiny little footsteps, the wild flowers that ring true.  The bolt on the door, the closed shop, the time when … More

Handpainted flower pots

Let’s go potty

What is it that makes a flower pot so charming?  It’s a place for love and growth, indoors and outdoors … More