With over nine years experience in human resources, 15 to 20 years in law firms as a PA/Office Manager and 15 years experience in digital marketing, organising events and all PR and working with sponsors I can offer you business development support.


Networking through social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Linked In.  I do the routine scheduling and you bring in the personality with reels and stories.  If you want to use TikTok we can work together on strategy.  I will work on employer brand on social media which will help with attracting and retaining staff as well as connecting with associates.

I will connect in your target areas and with the industries that you work with through finding their accounts on social media.  My content will be a mix of what services you offer and how these can benefit people as well as celebration days, industry days and I will create graphics and campaigns for you.  I will also use stock photography as well as my own photography and art work if suitable.

I understand time recording in professional services and how you bill people.  I can work on your finance in your office or if set up to work remotely.

Email marketing and website design is also possible and I can look for any local networking opportunities and look at community involvement, sustainability and how you are adding value in your area on a social level.  This can include looking at apprenticeships and working with people from disadvantaged backgrounds and in the past I have connected with the Birmingham Rep in youth theatre whilst part of a Diversity Group for a law firm. 

My human resources support can be in working with you on policy development, handbooks, appraisals and developing HR databases to manage records that are compliant.  I am also able to look at using computers to manage probationary periods and appraisals and I am experienced in investigations with grievances and disciplinaries. 

I am interested in your plans for your business and your vision so that my services can be matched to your needs and I am able to work on a retainer basis or individual projects.

My qualifications are a psychology degree and the CIPD graduate qualification, full secretarial training with RSAs and I have done other creative things such as scriptwriting, Adobe Illustrator, learnt WordPress and Dreamweaver for website design and studied HTML for website design.

My IT experience is with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook and a number of document management systems as well as Xero and Workflowmax for time recording and billing.  I have also designed a system to manage the renewal of Trade Marks where I hyperlinked to the mark and set fields so that deadlines were managed.

My experience with law firms has been in London, Birmingham and Hong Kong and across fields including defamation, conveyancing, litigation, personal injury, defence and claimant work and intellectual property and music law.

I have organised a number of art events in Walsall, connected with many small businesses and sponsors and have worked with a college and the arboretum on projects, one raising £1,001 for three children with cerebral palsy.  I manage @visitwalsall on Instagram that has over 1,000 followers, many of them local businesses.

Have you got a piece of work to discuss?  You can call me on 07949 777462 or send over some basic details and I’ll be in touch.