The food queue

Graphic = Why am I seeing poverty every day and why are the people giving food away driving Mercedes and Range Rovers and wearing Hugo Boss?

Every day the poverty is clear.  Crossing the town the queue for the food seems to be getting longer.  How come the people giving it away drive Mercedes and Range Rovers and wear Hugo Boss?


Archie - original hand painted art work

Who needs the police when we have each other.  Social media screenshotter.

For as much as his Paisley shirt was his favourite, Archie knew that every little squiggle and pattern represented a thought someone had had that had been crushed by someone else.  The social policing on social media had somehow become the mishmash print, oozing with great intellect whilst being crushed at the same time.

Archie is hand created on A4 card. 

£35 including postage in the UK.

Little blue bag

Blue bag with hand painted art

Do you ever get sick of buying deodorant from Lidl or Aldi?  Watching This is England on Channel 4 Catch-up makes you look at little bricks.  Up close.  It’s the little things that count.  Like where you buy your deodorant.  The main thing is is whether it causes white stains under the arms.  Sometimes we just need to get dressed up.  That’s what the little blue bag is all about.  Sprucing up.  Strutting your stuff.

Hand painted blue bag

Hand painted vintage bag – £35 including postage in the UK

The wild flowers

Wild flowers

Tiny little footsteps, the wild flowers that ring true.  The bolt on the door, the closed shop, the time when you were nine.  They never go away and neither they should.  That time you should have spoken out, you know you were right.  The dust in the air, chip shop paper.  Do you know the time of day? Now that’s a silly question.  Fred Perry collar pinned down and looking smart.  Still climbing up the ladder, just can’t work out what the ladder is.


Let’s go potty

Handpainted flower pots

What is it that makes a flower pot so charming?  It’s a place for love and growth, indoors and outdoors and here’s some hand-painted charm if you like this type of thing.  There’s four pots available and you can get in touch if you would like one posted to you, just let me know.  I take these to the market as well so if you are anywhere near Birmingham please get in touch and I’ll let you know where you can find me.

Handpainted flower pot